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The Health, The Benefit, and The Importance of the Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Our Lymphatic drainage systems is crucial to healthy body recovery. Our Lymphatic drainage system is what allows for fast post-surgical body recovery. The Lymphatic system is designed to help remove the waste and toxins that seep into our bodily tissue. Working the Lymphatic system through our process of draining is great for all post-surgery recovery, including that of liposuction 360. Often, many surgeries strain the body and recovery is hard and long. With our Lymphatic Massage our clients are able to make a fast and healthy recover from all their surgeries. Especially post-liposuction.

The lymphatic system works by relying on the movements of smooth muscles to transport the fluid through its lymph vessels. Our massage helps de-stress and de-strain the body from toxins and waste allowing for the muscles to become smooth, increasing circulation of the lymph muscles.

Surgeries and certain health conditions can interrupt the normal flow of the lymph muscles. Causing the lymph fluid to build up in a particular areas of the body, often the arms and legs, where it can cause swelling. Lymphedema occurs as a result of infections, cancer treatments (remove the lymph nodes) and any condition that damages the lymphatic system.

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