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COLD WEATHER AND PAIN...What is Happening to my body

"My muscles and joints become much more stiff and painful in the colder months, in fact when my hands become cold it is very painful and difficult to use them. I have often heard some of my clients complain about the barometric pressure change causing more muscle and joint pain, but I never paid much attention to my own body pains and the weather. I soon realized that the colder weather brings on more muscle and joint pain."

Tonya Massage Therapist

Why Do My Joints Hurt More in The Cold Weather?

Cold weather can cause a decrease in blood flow and the colder months bring with them lower barometric air pressure. The lower pressure and change in humidity can cause the soft tissue to expand causing and increase muscle and joint pain. In cold weather, muscles constrict and spasm causing pain. Patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and prior injuries report an increase in pain and stiffness. People who suffer from oversensitive nerves can experience widespread muscle and joint pain. Cold weather has a negative influence on nerve conduction which causes an increase in the nerve receptivity causing more pain. The winter months can sometimes affect our mood due to the darker colder months. If you are sad or depressed the pain perception can be magnified.


Put on layers to stay warm, stay active, and make sure you stay hydrated. (Dehydration can cause cramping, spasms and pain) and it is always beneficial to get a massage!

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