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A Resolution for a Pain Free New Year

10 Reasons You Should Make Massage Therapy Part of your 2020 New Years Resolutions

Why Is Massage the Perfect New Year’s Resolution for Sylvania Ohio Residents?

Stress Relief

Who isn’t stressed, especially during the holiday season? Between terrible Ohio and Michigan drivers in Toledo, Franklin Park mall crowds and traffic on Monroe street, returning gifts, and work and kids and the list just goes on and on… sometimes we just need something to chill us out. Cortisol is the stress hormone that can weaken your immune system. Massage therapy can reduce cortisol and make you feel way more relaxed.

Reduce anxiety

From children with medical conditions, cancer sufferers, and healthy adults, research has shown that massage is beneficial to help reduce anxiety in those that suffer from it. When I had anxiety postpartum when my children were born, massage helped me cope.

Manage chronic illness

Massage complements physician treatments for many chronic illnesses and injuries. Did you know that massage therapy has effects on patients with Parkinson's? There's a study that shows that massage can reduce Parkinson's tremors.

Relieve pain

Reducing pain in those with chronic pain conditions from injury to disease is difficult. Managing pain affects both the mind and body and can affect our emotional wellbeing too. Massage Therapy is excellent at relieving pain and managing pain symptoms.

Reduce the need for medication

Researchers studied patients at a Portland methadone clinic where patients received an hour of massage once per week. Study participants who received massage therapy experienced a significant reduction in pain, as compared to those who received only standard treatments. When massage helps control and manage pain symptoms, patients are able to take less medication.

Soothe nausea

A study on cancer patients receiving chemotherapy showed that patients getting massages before and after their treatment had a reduction in nausea and vomiting. I wonder if this would also work for morning sickness?

Sleep better

Enjoy a more restful night and have more energy during the day when you get regular massages. It has been shown that massage can improve symptoms of menopause and hormonal insomnia.

Soothe headaches

This one is close to my heart. As a migraine sufferer, I can attest that the only thing that works half as well as expensive prescription medication is massage. You can use massage therapy to get relief from many kinds of headaches. During one study, researchers noted improvements in these patients’ anxiety levels, heart rates, and cortisol levels while participants showed a reduction in the overall number and intensity of headaches they had.

Manage sports injuries

Pain and soft tissue damage are common for athletes, and fortunately something very treatable with Massage Therapy of Sylvania’s massage and stretch therapy services. An Ohio State University research team found massage therapy provided relief after the repetitive muscle contractions associated with exercise. Injury is also super common for those who play sports or even work out often. Massage can help you get back to your game faster.

Lower blood pressure

Suffering from elevated blood pressure?  Massage can help you manage it with or without the addition of blood pressure medications. One researcher studied a group of 50 women with moderately high blood pressure. Study participants who received Swedish massage treatments three times a week had significantly lower blood pressure than others.

Whatever your reason, whatever your motivation, if you are seeking massage for physical health, pain relief, balancing your emotions and mental wellbeing or just to relax I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty…

Regular massage appointments are a great New Year's resolution and can help set you up for success in 2020.

Call Tonya at Massage Therapy Center of Sylvania today to set up your regular massage appointments and ring in the new year right! 419-705-4994

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